Puppy Preschool

Five weeks full of fun, learning, training and socialisation for you and your puppy

Join Nurse Kerrie in this five-week course, an essential for any new puppy parent.

Be guided through all the basics to help you navigate through the puppy stage, but most importantly make wonderful fur-iends along the way.

At Kings Road Veterinary Surgery, we are of the strong belief that puppy preschool is a key part of starting a happy and healthy life for your dog. Puppy Preschool is just as it sounds – a course of classes to help teach you and your pooch the most important things for their life.  

If you have had a puppy before, that does not mean puppy preschool isn’t right for you. The most important aspect of puppy preschool is socialisation! Socialisation is a little more complicated than it sounds; it is based in building positive interactions with dogs, other animals, people and places to help your pup live a fear-free life. This helps cement in your puppy’s mind during their key learning period that the world is built of many things, and all of those new things can be tackled with an open mind.
THE details

Our Puppy Pre-school program is typically held on Tuesday nights for one hour.
Puppy Preschool is aimed at puppies between 8 and 12 weeks of age.

Classes also include plenty of information for future life, including but not limited as appropriate foods, appropriate parasite prevention and vaccine schedules.

Ready to get started?

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